Crowd Control

Always Synergy has the Capacity and Experience

Always Synergy has the capacity, experience and capability to provide, manage and advise on crowd control personnel and security guards for major events in Brisbane and Sydney.

Always Synergy has supplied crowd control personnel and security guards to many sporting events. Major entertainment, sporting and cultural events often need a large number of support staff.

Always Synergy can help fulfill these needs by providing:

  • Security and Event Management
  • PR and Usher Personnel
  • Turnstile Attendants
  • Ticket Issuance and Collection
  • Corporate Hosting Personnel
Legal and Procedural Requirements

Always Always Synergy’s security guards in Sydney and Brisbane are well aware of their powers of arrest and well versed with the relevant legislation, such as the:

  • Security Industry Act & Regulation
  • Enclosed Lands Protection Act
  • Weapons Prohibition Act
  • Liquor & Registered Clubs Acts
  • Smoke-Free Environment Act
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act
An Extension of Your Team

When you employ Always Synergy, we become an extension of your organization.

Always Synergy security guards become part of your team, and can be dressed in the uniform of your choice. Our staff take your business as seriously as you do, and are committed to providing you with the highest level of security service.

Always Synergy takes the time to work with you to establish your security requirements, and then align security guards with the appropriate experience and skills to meet with your specific needs.

Quality and Occupational Health & Safety

Always Synergy has a comprehensive Quality and OHS Management System that all staff are inducted into. Our staff are trained in identifying potential hazards and areas for improvement, incident management and reporting.

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    “We have developed a close professional working relationship with Synergy over the last decade, together we have contributed greatly to improved safety for staff and visitors at St Vincent’s Hospital”
    Security Manager – St Vincents Public & Private Hospitals
    ” Synergy Protection Agency has serviced our needs for some years now and has done so in the upmost professional manner”
    Centre Manager – Eastwood Shopping Centre
    “Over the last 10 years, Synergy has given us an excellent and professional service; responding immediately and efficiently at all times and in all circumstances”
    Director of Nursing – Mater Hospital
    “Synergy staff are well presented and trained, respond promptly to issues that arise, and are always available to meet our needs”
    Operations Manager – Guildford Leagues Club